Fuzzy Tooth Critters


“Fuzzy Tooth Critters” won the 2019 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award.


“Fuzzy Tooth Critters” is a children’s dental educational book for ages 2-8 years old. It motivates early readers excitingly and teaches them the importance of daily oral hygiene care so they can go from improperly brushing and flossing their teeth to maintaining a healthy smile without feeling like it’s a chore.

“Fuzzy Tooth Critters” is a rhyming story with bright illustrations and fun characters. It educates children on how to detect plaque, better known as “sugar bugs.” “Fuzzy Tooth Critters” also highlight the importance of implementing proper oral hygiene care, the adverse outcomes when brushing isn’t permitted, the good and bad foods for the teeth, and provides a dental eruption chart for all 20 baby teeth.

“Fuzzy Tooth Critters” is written in English and Spanish.

To learn how to stop those “Fuzzy Tooth Critters” from having a party on your child’s teeth, order your copy today. It’s a joyful read.

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